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The Hills and Valleys of Life

by Doug Hobelman on 09/17/13

Real life is as much the downside of the hill, the valley, and the upside of the hill as it is, the hill top. As we go through life experiences that are discouraging, even depressing, it is naturally easier to speed up our downward slide spiritually and emotionally. That is not only foolish, it is dangerous. It is very important at that time to yield to the "rein checking" of the Lord and to not rush into an emotional hole or a spiritual valley. As we enter the valley we can enter it with expectation, even though it is our lowest point. It is here that we experience a transition towards the upswing. As we find ourselves ridng with the Lord Jesus, it is on the upswing that we not only can increase our pace, but we should increase it, using wisdom as we go. Not increasing our energy and pace for the trip upward could find us with not enough momentun to keep us from sliding back into the valley. On the hill top it is normal for us to celebrate. However, the key to true joy is learning to enjoy the entire ride. I invite you watch the corresponding video - Raven Rider Hills. Enjoy the ride and God bless till next time.

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