I used to work with this fella named Shane. When Shane wasn’t working his favorite thing to do was flying. Several times he mentioned that he would be willing to take me along for a ride. Each time I would say something like, “Ya, sure, that would be great”, and a part of me thinks it would be great, but in the back of my mind, I’m thinking, “When hell freezes over”.

I’ve flown a few times on large planes and to be honest about it, I just don’t care to be that far off the ground. I love to watch other people fly and I believe it would be great fun as long as the maximum height off the ground wouldn’t be higher than a horse could pitch me.

One of my favorite movies was Pearl Harbor. I take great joy in the thought of flying fighter planes as long as my padded seat is tightly screwed to the concrete floor of the movie theater.

I’m especially fascinated with observing crop dusters as they apply chemicals to crops. I wonder if some on them pretended to be combat fighter pilots when they were kids? Somebody had to be doing that while my buddies and I took care of the bandits and bank robbers.

Anyway, I’m enthralled with their acrobats as they drop in just above the wires, and then back out again, in time to escape entanglement, all for the sake of eradicating the farmer or rancher's bugs or weeds. This whole process of weed and pest control is a normal practice for farmers. Without it the crop yield would be severely impaired, year after year.

The challenges we face in life could easily be compared to a farmers weeds. Let’s be honest. How do we view such critters in our life and what do we do about them?

What we are doing about it declares how big God is in our life. Do we excuse away the little habits, sins, doubts by declaring, “That is just the way I am”?

What about the big ones that we don’t want anybody to know about?  It's initially easier to ignor and allow issues to remain, quietly eroding away our character each and every day. But, the day always comes when we have to face the overgrowth and it is not fun. Those little issues and pesky little critters, left too long to exist, now rule our fields and have destroyed our productivity.

We have several choices. We can allow the violators to continue to snuff out much of the fruitfulness of our life or we can aggressively apply the truth of God’s word, giving room to the power of God, to eradicate those pesky pests and weeds.

Our crop dusting plane is prayer – our pilot is called the Holy Spirit- the chemical is the Truth of God’s word embodied in Jesus Christ the Savior, Lord, and King.

Are the weeds of doubt, fear, anger, un-forgiveness, or discouragement growing in your life?

Is there a bug affecting your life afflicting you with financial lack or physical affliction? 

When we go to, when we get into the Word of God, we always find that God is shown to be immensely bigger than the problems we face.

We have the choice to stay screwed to the floor because of our apprehension about flying with God or we can willfully say yes to Him and the truth of His word,  to deal with the challenges we are facing. 

A farmer looks at it as a potentially profitable investment into his crop. How about your crop?

Are you and your family worth the investment to apply the truth of God to your life? I think so, do you?

Doug Hobelman  11/18/2012

Philippians 4:13 - I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.