They call them legends, starting with Wimpy P-1,
Foaled on the great King Ranch, he was a Solis son.

Then there was Peppy, a real cowhorse - line bred to Old Sorrel,
The son of Little Richard, known for his daughters, Denhardt did tell.

And don’t forget King and the great Poco Bueno,
Father and son - the real thing in working sires, no blow.

Their sons and grandsons, Poco Tivio and King Fritz,
Oh, they were known for their reining and cowhorse blitz.

Then we shift gears to the famed thoroughbred - Three Bars,
Impact like no other, in overdrive - taking the breed to Mars.

Fast and ferocious on the track they would be,
Today, most likely found in every successful equine pedigree.

A grandson of his, the halter horse, Doc Bar,
No racehorse, but in the cutting pen, his foals went far.

Chicaro Bill - a leading racing maternal grandsire,
In Chicado V and Flicka, he stoked a furious fire.

Some people would be offended if we forgot Joe Hancock,
One fast dude – with strength and bone, so they talk.

As we move on, there is Cowboy P-12 and his son, Champion Hard Twist,
One, easy to handle, the other ornery enough, he tempted the fist.

Hollywood Gold, the famed 6666 Ranch stallion - a  palomino,
They discovered he was a sire when it was almost too late to know.

Oh Bert, oh Bert, you looked like a plow horse they say.
You sired the right kind, causing wrestlers and ropers to bray.

What about Top Deck - a thoroughbred, he never got to race,
He sired 3 time world champion - Go man Go, take that in the face.

A thoroughbred that ran like a quarter, his name Depth Charge,
A son of a derby winner - Bold Venture, his heart was large.

A palomino foaled in Colorado in 1930 -  they called Plaudit,
They said, breed him to a Percheron and you’d still get a fast fit.

Quick M Silver, one tough dude, he never gave up,
He ran and won all over the country, from sundown to sunup.

As we move on to Star Duster, Joe Reed, and Joe Reed II (the second),
All three were profit makers, better than a soaring cash fund.

Leo made his reputation as speed sire in the industries early year,
Influence as a broodmares sire accelerated his competitor’s greatest fear.
His son, Croton Oil, sired AQHA Champions, no small number - 13 in all,
And Leo’s daughters, Supreme Champions, they produced seven I recall.

This is just a quick account of Legends one, the early great horses,
It’s pretty amazing what would not be, without their created forces.

I’m reminded of the Creator and a portion in the Good Book,
Of a day of His return, toward the sky we will look.

It says He will return on a white horse, yielding a sword,
To pick up His own, one by one, and to end the discord.

So don’t tell me there aren’t horses in heaven, I’ve read it myself,
And when He comes, it’s a on a big white one, and the Savior’s no elf.

This isn’t a fairy tale from just another book, I hope you believe,
Men inspired by God, truth and facts of His love throughout history.

Now we have horse legends on earth I do agree,
But the horses in heaven make ours look like a droopy pony.

I end this rhyme with a call to all that have an ear to hear,
One who will return soon, gave a ‘must’ you don’t have to fear.

He said you must be born again, which means surrender your all,
And let him be your Lord, King and Savior - be restored from the fall.

Simply ask him to come into your heart and forgive you of your sin,
The supernatural new birth - His gift for you - it’s an eternal win.

Doug Hobelman 11/12/2012

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